The New Way to Invest

Simple and customized long term investing for the new generation

Birthday Investing is investing simplified for those wanting to customize their portfolios according to their tastes and needs.  Here is my portfolio

The method is simple:

  1. Save and Invest
  2. Start your Birthday Portfolio based on your age and risk tolerance (lower number of stocks = riskier):
    1. 25 or younger: Pick 1-10 stocks
    2. 25 or older: 1 to 10 + your age – 25
    3. These stocks must be thoroughly vetted with the intention of holding forever.  Allocate based on confidence levels in each security
  3. Every year, add 1 stock to the portfolio (could be your birthday, could be the start of the year, doesn’t matter)
  4. Every time you add money into your portfolio, rebalance your portfolio as you go based on current price or outlook
  5. Re-evaluate your selections every 5-10 years (optional)

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